‘Hannity’ on anti-police rhetoric, election law


‘Hannity’ on anti-police rhetoric, election law

[ad_1] This is a rush transcript from "Hannity," January 28, 2022. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS

Denver police hamstrung because of anti-police policies, union official says
Democratic Senate nominee Mandela Barnes endorsed by radical anti-police, abolish ICE group
Houston official blames anti-police rhetoric, weak DAs for rash of violence against cops


This is a rush transcript from “Hannity,” January 28, 2022. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: Welcome to “Hannity”.

A busy news night this Friday.

Tonight, Democrats dereliction of duty on the issue of violent crime is as undeniable as ever it’s just disgraceful it’s diabolical and it is destroying our great American cities. People aren’t safe and secure. There’s no law and order.

Today, at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the beautiful St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City — now with thousands upon thousands of officers from all across the world in attendance, I mean, a mile — miles and miles of heroes showed up for this funeral that was being held for fallen NYPD hero Jason Rivera. He was shot and killed, by the way, execution style on the end, one week ago while responding to a domestic call in Harlem.

His partner was also killed according to reports the deranged killer, a career criminal, quote, kept firing at the wounded cops even as they lay helplessly on the floor, a complete execution. Unfortunately, it is a tragedy that has become all too common all across the country, as far left leaders refused to take the issue of crime seriously, they refused to respect police officers and put the interests of violent criminals over the interests of law-abiding citizens.

And don’t forget it was far left New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg, he’s the guy that announced during his first few days in office that he would be coddling all criminals and applying less stringent policies for prosecuting a whole host of different crimes. And today in an act of bravery the widow of fallen officer Rivera, Dominique, his wife, spoke out on the lawlessness plaguing the city, the relentless, disgusting denomination — or demonization of law enforcement, the recklessness of Alvin Bragg. As she indicated by the way, this system is failing all of us, powerful words.



DOMINIQUE LUZURIAGA, WIDOW OF NYPD OFFICER JASON RIVERA: Friday morning began just like every other morning before work, you were always my big spoon, watching Netflix, YouTube law enforcement shorts, read me your emails and wait for your mom to come home. You packed your book bag because we had to leave before 2:00, and really before 2:00 sharp because of your ICO sergeant.

You would drive me home and say goodbye with three kisses all the time and texting me when you were 84. That was our routine.

Later that day, I received the call I wish none of you that are sitting here with me will ever receive I had gotten a notification from the Citizen App which was my central, and I saw that two police officers were shot in Harlem. My heart dropped. I immediately texted you and asked you, are you okay? Please tell me you’re okay.

We used to share locations and find my iPhone and when I check yours I see that you’re a Harlem hospital. I thought maybe you were sitting on a perp, but still nothing. Then I get a call asking if I’m Jason’s wife and then I had to rush to the hospital.

Walking all those steps seeing everybody staring at me was the scariest moment I’ve experienced. Nobody was telling me anything. Dozens of people were surrounding me and yet I fell alone. I couldn’t believe you left me.

And Jason is so happy right now that all of you are here. Through pain and sorrow, this is exactly how he would have wanted to be remembered, like a true hero, or like I used to call him Big Pio Rivera.

You have the whole nation on gridlock and although you won’t be here anymore I want you to live through me.

The system continues to fail us. We are not safe anymore. Not even the members of the service.

I know you were tired of these laws especially the ones from the new D.A. I hope he’s watching you speak through me right now.


I’m sure all of our blue family is tired too, but I promise, we promise, that your death won’t be in vain. I love you to the end of time. We’ll take the watch from here.



HANNITY: Our prayers are with these two officers their families their loved ones and I’m going to ask again tonight for what feels like what the millionth time, how many more of these stories are we going to have to cover before far left Democrats start taking the issue of law and order and safety and security to pursue happiness seriously?

You know, by the way, where’s Black Lives Matter? I didn’t hear from AOC or Nancy Pelosi either? Black Lives Matter, they claim to care about the welfare of our most vulnerable communities. Remember the BLM chapter recently complaining that murdered police officers, they’re treated like heroes.

This was a minority officer just so happens in this case. Why didn’t Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, too busy to attend the funeral today? Where’s Barack Obama? Michelle Obama, Pelosi, AOC?

Where’s the congressional committee to investigate not only these murders, the 574 riots in the summer of 2020? Why didn’t they call up the troops on January six when they had as required by law, the signature of the president, to sign off for the president?

All of this has got to stop. The NYPD is a minority/majority police force like many big cities. Why don’t their lives seem to matter to Democrats as much? Why is there, there not an outcry over this?

Because the way Democrats have surrendered our cities, they have surrendered it, they have created a lot of this lawlessness and all of it is unconscionable. Crime is surging everywhere, records all over the country in 2021. And that’s on top of a bad year 2020. Quality of life is decreasing.

The FBI, according to them, international police killings has now reached a 20-year high, 346 officers shot in the line of duty in the line of duty in 2021 alone. Yeah, that’s another multi-year high. Ambush style attacks against cops, up 115 percent over the previous year.

And it’s not just New York. This is city after city, the same story, blue states, you know, run by liberal Democrats for decades. Look out in Los Angeles, a 26-year-old transgender child molester was only given two years in a juvenile facility after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a ten- year-old girl. Now, the judge criticized far left D.A. George Gascon whose office declined to prosecute the repeat offender as an adult, tying the hands of the judge despite the crime happening two weeks before he turned 18.

And get this, this convicted molester will not even have to register as a sex offender. Want him moving in next door to you? In reality, the defund, dismantle, no bail movement is responsible for all of this insanity and all of this violence, all of this is preventable.

And police all across the country, they all have a target on their back. Now, we’ve shown you the deadly tragedies night after night. It is a direct result of far left radicalism and not respecting the rule of law, not respecting law enforcement, always sweeping with a broad brush. Yeah, one percent of officers I concede are bad apples.

But instead of protecting peaceful, law-abiding Americans — well, what happens? Democratic-run cities, they just cut and run provide cover for criminals so they can get out and do it again.

Here with reaction, host of his brand new show, we couldn’t be more proud of our friend, debuts tomorrow night right here on the FOX News Channel at 10:00 p.m., “Lawrence Jones Cross Country”. We’re calling it LJ cross country, just in case anyone wants to know, LJ cross country.

Anyway, along with the co-host of “The Five”, Judge Jeanine Pirro.

Judge, good to see you, too.

LJ, we’ll start with you congrats on the new show. You know, you you’ve done a lot of reporting for this show and you’ve gone out into a lot of streets in a lot of cities and you’ve been in a lot of tough situations.

It — there is a — there is no doubt that the policies of defund, dismantle and no bail have created an environment where cops are now targets. They’re getting ambushed at higher and higher rates.

LAWRENCE JONES, FOX NEWS HOST, “LAWRENCE JONES CROSS COUNTRY”: Sean, thank you so much brother we’re in a war zone in this country um I want to be very clear to the country because I think it’s important that they understand what’s happening. The way that we respond to this incident will determine our safety even further.

Jason was one of the best of the best, got into the service because he wanted to change some things. He knew that the majority of cops were the good guys and he wanted to bring the community and the police together. So who’s going to have his back right now?

Just yesterday, I was out shooting the story young girl was shot 22 times. Her killer is already back on the street, in Houston, Texas, right down the three — street, three cops were shot at. Like it was like a video game, Sean. That’s what’s happening in the country.

And it’s a direct result of people not caring about the cops, wanting to defund the cops, believing that all jails should be empty. We got to decide what side that we want to be on it because I gained to you this, Sean, we have tried it for the past two years the liberal way, and all we’ve seen is more bloodshed.

You wanted the cops to stop showing up — well, they stopped showing up. You wanted the cops to take a seat back and take a hand off approach, we did that. And what do we saw? More black and brown bodies dead every single day.

And now as a result, the criminals feel empowered to just shoot up cops. This is bad — really, really bad, Sean.

HANNITY: You know, judge one of the many things I love about you, we’ve been friends a long time, is that you spent a big part of your career prosecuting really bad people and fighting hard to get them the maximum sentences here. We — meaning, I think I was one of the first, I know you were one of the first. When we saw the George Floyd tape, as a martial artist, I knew you put a knee on somebody’s neck and you pound his face into the pavement, that person is not going to last very long.

And we — and we were the first to speak out against it.


HANNITY: But that’s the one percent of cops. Bu, you know, now that we’ve defunded and dismantled and no bail and there’s the governor of New York this week again reinforcing no bail laws and she’s at the funeral today and I’m sitting there. You’re causing the lawlessness.

Those no bail laws let people out on the street to do it again and again and again. I don’t see how the insanity stops if you don’t change the policy.

PIRRO: Well, you know, Sean, you’re right. I spent over three decades as a prosecutor and a judge and I stood in many of those lines from many of police funerals. And what we’ve got today is criminal privilege. They talk about white privilege — well, this is criminal privilege.

There is no justice for victims in America. This is a direct result of the leftist progressive policies that talk about social justice. Now, I don’t know what that is and I don’t really care.

All I care about is law and order, because we cannot survive as a society without law and order. And the words of the widow of Jason Rivera who — thanks to the police commissioner, Jason, was posthumously promoted to first grade detective — were ringing and to see a standing ovation in Saint Patrick’s when she said, you didn’t like those new laws of the new D.A. and everybody stood up including the priests and the and the cardinal up there.

We’ve got to understand, we are the majority. Those loudmouth leftists are nothing but the minority. The governor is talking out of both sides of her mouth.

JONES: That’s right.

PIRRO: She’s saying that she wants to talk to the Mayor Adams and figure this crime thing out, and at the same time, she’s talking to her lefty friend saying, hey, we’re not going to change any of the no bail laws. We’re going to make sure we keep letting them out, one after another. And you reference the pedophile in California.

This guy says now he’s a woman and therefore his two years in juvie he’s going to spend his time with young girls when he’s in there for sexually molesting not just one but three young girls and he doesn’t have to register as a sex offender. Is this a joke? It’s time to take America back.

HANNITY: By the way, Judge, I’d be negligent not to say we’re so proud of you and happy for you now, full-time member of “The Five”.

PIRRO: Oh, thank you.

HANNITY: You’re — you’re a rock star.

PIRRO: Thank you. I love you all.

HANNITY: You know, it’s kind of, it’s — it’s Watters World, LJ’s world and Judge Pirro’s world, we just live in it, that’s all it is.

PIRRO: Yeah. And thanks to you. Thanks to you, Sean. Love you.

HANNITY: We love you all. All right.

PIRRO: All right. Take care.

HANNITY: All right. LJ, Judge Pirro.

All right. Now, tonight, Biden is failing on multiple fronts there are no signs of anything better getting better anytime soon. Europe may be on the cusp of war — oh, minor incursion, let’s call it that. Biden plays phony tough guy with Putin but spends his work hours you know shopping in a clothing boutique and shopping for — and stopping for chocolate ice cream.

Tonight, we’re learning more about what was apparently a disastrous phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky. Oh, I bet it wasn’t a perfect call.

Anyway, where Biden allegedly told the Ukrainian leader to, quote, brace for impact of a Russia invasion. The White House is denying this report about what sources said about the call. But here’s an idea, why doesn’t Biden do what Donald Trump did? Release the whole entire transcript, be totally transparent with we, the American people.

How about letting us decide if it was a perfect phone call? President Trump did. Why can’t Joey? What does he have to hide?

But, of course, the troubles aren’t just abroad, as we continue to follow a devastating bridge collapse in Pittsburgh today that occurred only hours before Biden was scheduled to visit the city, to tout, oh, his recent infrastructure bill.

Now, there were multiple injuries, hospitalizations. Thankfully, all are expected to survive but Biden is now — he did this visit, but notably absent were top Pennsylvania Democrats who said, oh, we can’t make it. The lieutenant governor, the attorney general, they can’t make it. They have scheduling conflicts.

Oh, that’s the same thing that happened down in Georgia with Stacey Abrams, the same thing with Beto Bozo O’Rourke, he doesn’t want anything to do with Biden either. We know why. Biden’s presidency is imploding and they also know he’s a cognitive mess and they don’t want to be seen with him.

It’s painfully obviously to everyone, even Democrats, Joe is not fit to serve, and mental fitness of a president, that would be of the utmost importance and we should have assurances that our commander-in-chief is up to the hardest job in the world. Joey clearly not there.

Here’s Joe in his own words. Take a look.




The —


But the nature not when the political coverage —


That look — some of the political players and some of the —


HANNITY: Now, Democrats question Donald Trump’s cognitive abilities. He took a cognitive test. He was transparent with the American public. By the way, he aced that test.

It wasn’t long ago, Democrats, the media mob, they were just obsessed with speculation about Donald Trump’s health. In case you forgot — we’ll take you down a quick trip of memory lane. Here, you’ll take a look for yourself.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Close to him during the campaign told me had early stages of dementia. Now, listen, you can get mad at me if you want to.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You can say that’s not okay to say but —

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But it is okay to say.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This “New York Times” article basically showed us how Trump is not only in the early stages of dementia, but he is in cognitive decline.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Maybe he just has a hard time going down a gently sloping ramp, but do you see something possibly neurological that could be throwing off his balance?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The White House would not explain the bandages seen on his hands.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: On two separate occasions, President Trump had to steady one hand with the other while drinking water during speeches.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Having momentary stumbles, momentary lapses and you know it looks restraining for a word or whatever it might be.


HANNITY: As you can see, President Trump, he was transparent. Where is Biden’s doctor? Will he ever do an interview? I tend to doubt it.

But, unfortunately, the struggles don’t stop with Biden because Kamala Harris is embroiled in yet another self-inflicted scandal tonight, after she attended the inauguration of the new Honduras leader whose inner circle has made numerous anti-Semitic remarks and Harris attended the event which by the way came on the same day as the Holocaust Remembrance.

Now, who’s in charge at the Biden White House, that’s anybody’s guess. It is one self-inflicted failure after another.

Here with reaction Outkick founder and co-host of the Clay Travis/Buck Sexton show, Clay Travis, along with FOX News contributor Jason Chaffetz.

Jason, we start with you. I don’t think you — I don’t think you can get anything more wrong than that not only you know a bridge collapses Joe shows up, Kamala Harris meeting with the new head of Honduras, whose cabinet is virulently anti-Semitic on Holocaust Remembrance Day, just add this to the long list of disasters.

JASON CHAFFETZ, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yeah, and it’s the very day that you know what, one of the most honored police officers has died in the line of duty. I mean, that first segment you did was absolutely stunning. Why wasn’t the president there? Why wasn’t the vice president there?

How is it that the vice president of the United States can go and meet with the new Honduran president, but she can’t go spend time with the border patrol? Why can’t she talk to the border patrol union, Brandon Judd? Why can’t she do that with officers and go to one of these funerals?

I haven’t seen her go to a funeral yet of one of these slain police officers. They’re totally tone deaf. It’s because they don’t care. I don’t come up with any other — other plausible you know reason. I actually think they don’t care.

HANNITY: I think it’s worse than that. We’ll give Clay an opportunity to respond.

Kamala Harris is part of that — you know, supported the rioting in when she supported the bail law after the burning down of that police precinct and she supported the bail fund and tweeted that out, and it’s the same Kamala Harris that said, these rioters aren’t going to stop, they shouldn’t stop, beware, take note, they’re not going to stop, they shouldn’t stop and we’re not going to stop. Okay.

And Joe Biden himself said, oh, yeah, I support redirecting funds for the police and then him and Jen Psaki lie about it.

CLAY TRAVIS, OUTKICK FOUNDER: Sean, it’s the biggest embarrassment I believe in American political history of modern era to argue in favor of defunding the police. And I think Jason just hit on a really important part. We see all the photos, all the still images, all the videos of those officers on Fifth Avenue.

We saw that the widows calling out, the D.A.’s for their failures there. Sean, this is a big deal. We hit in 2021, and I saw almost no media coverage of it all, certainly not at CNN, “New York Times,” “Washington Post” or MSNBC, a 20-year high for police officers being murdered.

Houston, Milwaukee, New York City — you look every single day, there are more police being shot. All of these people who argued to defund the police have blood on their hands, not only for what is happening in our inner cities where murder rates are skyrocketing, but because the police who protect us all have been denigrated to such an extent that they are now targets and I think that’s why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris aren’t doing anything to support the police officers out there. They know if they go there, then that story comes up. Wait, we’re at a 20-year high, who caused this? It’s the Democratic arty and their defund the police arguments.

HANNITY: All right. Thank you both. Clay, Jason, we appreciate it.

When we come back, a huge win for Republicans as it relates to voter integrity in Pennsylvania. Let’s make it simple. I was right.

And later a convoy of truckers, they have now banded together in Canada protesting the government’s vaccine mandate, and they’re gaining major traction. You know what happens if this ever makes its way to America? I’ll tell you right now, it’ll make the supply chain crisis look like the biggest Christmas Day ever. I’ll explain, next.



HANNITY: Well, we have big breaking news today in the fight for election integrity so we can all have confidence in the results of elections, as a state court, the second highest court in Pennsylvania in a 3-2 decision ruled that Act 77 — now that’s Pennsylvania’s election reform legislation signed by the Democratic Governor Tom Wolf in 2019 is in fact unconstitutional.

Now,, this law had a number of very dangerous provisions, including incredibly allowing some ballots to be counted after election day. Oh, who needs election day?

This decision only comes two weeks after a judge in Wisconsin ruled that absentee ballot drop boxes that were used — yeah, they’re illegal under Wisconsin law.

Here now at the very latest, the founder, managing member of OGC Law in Pittsburgh, Greg Teufel, is with us. He argued this case before the court.

Greg, I want to — I want to make sure we get this right here. So the court struck down the — what is Act 77, and Act 77 changed and altered the very strict provisions in the Pennsylvania Constitution, which is where the judge focused in this case, and the state Constitution Article 7 requires that if you want to vote in an election, you got to do so in person.

Now, this is done to prevent fraudulent votes and you know only certain unidentified exceptions — I’m sorry identified exceptions are stated. So, in other words, the state legislature, along with Democratic governor, decided they don’t want to go through the arduous process of amending the Constitution, they’ll just legislate it away which in and of itself is an unconstitutional act.

You made the arguments and this is a big win for you and the state.

GREG TEUFEL, FOUNDER & MANAGING MEMBER OF OGC LAW IN PITTSBURGH: Yeah, we’re really excited to see the commonwealth court finally getting a chance to address the merits of the case. And you know, previously last year when we brought a challenge shortly after the presidential election. Unfortunately, the PA Supreme Court dismissed the case on procedural grounds and refused to address the merits.

This time, the PA Supreme Court has an appeal coming to it where the merits are squarely before them and we’re really hopeful that they get it right this time.

HANNITY: Okay, walk us through the Democratic — the Supreme Court in Pennsylvania, the next likely stop as the appeal has already been put into the court, very liberal, very Democratic.

The question now is, is — will the U.S. Supreme Court take on an issue of such importance, that being that a state must follow its own Constitution? Now, I would think that that is too important an issue for them to ignore. Your thoughts?

TEUFEL: Yeah, they declined to take the appeal in the first case when it was shortly — last year, after the presidential election, we raised federal questions in that case. But this time around, we raised them much more clearly and we’re hopeful that our chances will be better if the PA Supreme Court doesn’t do the right thing, that the U.S. Supreme Court will take an interest.

There are federal issues in the case. The federal law that delegates to the states the powers to conduct federal elections for federal offices, requires very little but part of what is required is that the state follow its own constitution in the conduct of federal elections. So when a state as they did here fails to follow its own state constitution in conducting federal elections, they’re also violating the U.S. Constitution. That’s something the U.S. Supreme Court should care about.

HANNITY: That would be a case that should have great standing with them.

Anyway, great job, great arguments. Well done, congratulations.

Here with more reaction, FOX News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett, former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus.

Gregg, let’s start on the law. If you remember post-election, this is something we discussed often and that is that you cannot circumvent the arduous difficult process of amending the Constitution by just legislating it away and ignoring the provisions in the Constitution. That by definition is unconstitutional.

GREGG JARRETT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: Yeah, it is. You’re absolutely right. You sound very much like a lawyer, Sean.

You know, it’s fundamental law, it’s fundamental constitutional law that the legislature cannot contradict or alter or change in any way any state constitution, certainly the federal constitution. And yet, that’s precisely what they did here when they passed this law in 2019. You know, they were acting as this sort of super legislature who can override the will of the people that they can do anything they want.

You can’t do it that way. There’s 200 years of established law and in Pennsylvania, prior Supreme Court decisions, it says you can’t do this.

And Democrats made this silly argument — well, okay, maybe you’re right but it wasn’t timely filed. That’s preposterous.

A constitutional challenge has no statute of limitations on it. You can challenge the constitutionality of a law, one year, five years, a hundred years after the law is passed. Unfortunately though, Sean, you know, this is reviewable by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and they’re going to reverse it. Why? Because the seven justices there are elected and they’re dominated by Democrats and in voting cases, they always side for partisan reasons with Democrats.

We saw this last year and a half ago when they without authority rewrote the law and said all mail-in ballots received up to three days after the election day can be counted. They had no power and authority to do it. They just did it. So they’ll do it here again.

HANNITY: You know, if we let them.

And, you know, look, I’ve called for election integrity measures and it’s simple. I don’t know why anybody would be against them and that’s voter ID, signature verification, chain of custody controls for mail-in ballots that from the moment they arrive, they’re on videotape so nobody can tamper with them updated voter rolls. Most states have laws that allow partisan observers to watch the vote count, start to finish, up close.

That didn’t happen in many states. It didn’t happen in any state that had that law, that law was ignored in 2020. You can’t ignore the Constitution or the law. I don’t think illegal immigrants should be allowed to vote either, like in New York municipal elections.

Reince, you’re from Wisconsin and what was interesting is the judge ruled there that the absentee ballot drop box — boxes in the state used in the election in 2020 were illegal. Why were they used?

REINCE PRIEBUS, FORMER WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF: Well, they were used because the Wisconsin election commission took advantage of COVID and directed clerks around the state to circumvent the state law. Look, these are principles. You just outlined a bunch of them. In the — in the Jimmy Carter-Jim Baker Commission in 2005, these are Republican and Democrat, they put out about seven principles that everyone should follow. One of them was one you outline which is that there needs to be an increase in the use of voter identification laws. And the second thing they said was that people need to be very leery of mail-in ballots.

Now, back to Wisconsin on an important point, in the Wisconsin — in Wisconsin law, it’s embedded almost verbatim that one of the reasons the people of Wisconsin have to be leery of absentee balloting in Wisconsin is to prevent fraud and abuse. But the other thing they said is that we need to be leery of mail-in absentee ballot voting because we need to protect people from the over zealous solicitation of voters who may not be interested in voting. That’s almost verbatim.

In other words, that when you open up voting to mail in voting, you are opening yourself up to fraud because people are being targeted who may not actually want to vote, who may not be paying attention. So those people are targeted and this is the battle that’s taking place. It is not something that needs that should be ignored. It’s serious and it’s embedded in Wisconsin law, but it’s actually embedded in laws all over the country.

HANNITY: All right. Thank you both. Coming up, the indoctrination of your children spiraling out of control. Every parent, you’re watching, you need to be extremely concerned. We’ll explain.

And coming up next, the convoy of truckers in Canada, they have banded together. They’re demanding that their government and their vaccine mandate, their movement is gaining huge attention and traction what would ever happen if it happened in this country? Well, we’ll speak with two truck drivers that are leading the efforts, when we return.


HANNITY: Right now, tonight, the fight against draconian vaccine mandates continues. A self-described freedom convoy of nearly 50,000 truck drivers now stretching 45 miles in Canada, they are protesting the country’s very strict vaccine mandates and people lining up in the streets to support the truckers, rightly so.

Here to explain, two of the truck drivers in the convoy, Harold Jonker’s with us and Chris Barber.

By the way, you’re both in your truck — I’m looking at you guys. Looks like you’re both in your in your truck.

HAROLD JONKER, FREEDOM CONVOY 2022 PARTICIPANT: Yes, I’m sitting — I’m sitting in my truck, yes.

HANNITY: Well, first of all, I want to thank you guys and I’m speaking very broadly for Canadian truck drivers, American truck drivers, without you guys, everything we buy, every store we go to is not there. And I know it’s a hard job, you put in endless hours. You got to stay awake, it’s tough.

I happen to know a lot of people in the in the trucking business. They’re friends of mine, and, Chris, I’ll start with you.

And I got to tell you something, there’s not a single driver that they know that wants to get the vaccine, you work mostly alone. You know, you can wear a mask around other people, but even if you’re fully vaccinated, you’re still getting COVID. Even if you’re boosted, you’re still getting COVID. Even if you already had COVID, you can still get it again. So what’s the point?

CHRIS BARBER, FREEDOM CONVOY 2022 PARTICIPANT: Laws don’t make any sense anymore. I think from what we’re seeing out here on the highway, the people standing on the side of the roads, they’re done with this mandate. They want these mandates and all this stuff to be over. They want life to get back to normal.


And, Harold, let’s get your take.

JONKER: Yeah, basically, what I think the public’s starting to realize is that this is this is false. This is not a narrative that’s going to be good for anything, and it’s going to affect Canadians and Americans like of truck drivers not crossing the border. That’s 250 million pounds per day that isn’t going back and forth in between our two countries.

So this is — and it’s not even about just the truck drivers. We have nurses off, off working. We have police that are actually in our convoy with us. This is — this is about the freedom — freedoms for not just Canada, but for the world.

HANNITY: You know, I love the support we’re showing — all the people that are lining up to support you, guys, Chris. And you know, listen, you get you get paid by the job, you get paid by the mile. So you’re giving up a lot financially to make this statement as are the — you know, 50,000 truckers that are aligned with you. How long are you willing to go with this?

BARBER: Well, we’ve booked hotel rooms for 10 nights when we get to Ottawa tomorrow. I guess we’ll reevaluate after that. We’re not planning on leaving until the mandates are lifted for cross-border, for masks, for the COVID vaccine passport, no matter what it is. Canadians are tired of it.

HANNITY: You know, and Harold, have you heard from any of your American counterparts? Because I’ll tell you right now, two weeks, no trucks, no deliveries, it will shut down Canada’s economy and it would shut down America’s economy.

And I actually think you guys have the power to force the change that you’re looking for. I really do.

JONKER: Yeah, yeah, and then that’s the what is so huge about this is, is the supports there and it’s going to affect groceries product and when we talk to our customers that we haul out from the U.S., they’re concerned that they’re already kind of scrambling for trucks. We’re scrambling for trucks to get train parts moved out of Pennsylvania up into Hamilton. It’s already happening and I got 14 of my trucks sitting here, that would love to be working.

HANNITY: Are you guys willing to go as long as it takes to get this done and do you — do you have any predictions?

Harold, we’ll start with you on this one. Do you have any predictions if American truckers are now looking at what you’re doing in Canada and will join forces with you? Because if they do, my prediction would be if you’re willing to hold out long enough, you guys will win.

JONKER: Yeah and I think that’s what our governments are not realizing is my home is right behind me.

HANNITY: Yeah, every store I go to, everything I buy is because you guys are willing to put in the long hours and the hard work to get every product delivered to every store so that we conveniently live our lives, and I don’t think you get enough credit or thanks for it. I want to thank you both.

Up next, enough is enough. Liberals — they’re trying to indoctrinate your kids for years. Now, what some schools now are trying to implement, it will shake you to your core. We’ll explain on this busy news Friday night.


HANNITY: All right. Parents, pay close attention. The indoctrination of our nation’s students in the classroom, it continues at an alarming rate. Chicago public school teachers were recently forced to undergo training during which they were told that sex is a social construct unrelated to biology. I think — are they following the science?

Now, meanwhile, a new bill proposed in California would allow children as young as to be vaccinated without their parents consent. As taxpayers, it’s one thing to be told that we need to abide by certain rules, government regulations, et cetera. No school, no government needs to ever interfere with the right of a parent to raise their child as they see fit. That line should never be crossed under any circumstances.

Here with reaction, two amazing parents in their own right, the co-host of “Outnumbered”, Kayleigh McEnany, FOX News contributor Lara Trump.

Not in my world, Lara, that — that’s not happening. I’m not sending my kid to any school or district that supports that crap. That they think they have the right to usurp the power and authority of a parent.

LARA TRUMP, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yeah, well, everything lies with the parents. I mean, the children are our responsibility. Our kids are our responsibility. It’s absolutely outrageous that anyone other than a parent would make any of these decisions.

But this situation in Chicago — by the way, I just want to highlight this because I found this to be one of the most astonishing things of all. There was a whistle-blowing teacher that brought this situation to light. And this teacher said what sort of an education are we providing our students if we are articulating lies all in the name of keeping them comfortable.

They are saying that there is no such thing as male and female. That it is not rooted in biology. Everyone can see how ridiculous a notion that is, yet that is what these teachers are being told to teach their students. Every human on the planet, Sean, is born with an XX or XY set of chromosomes that determine whether you are male or female. That is a fact.

It is really incredible to see that this is where the money in our educational system is going is, to teaching this sort of nonsense. Think about this — in 1990, the United States was ranked number six in the world in education. You know where we are right now? Number 27.

And instead of using money, by the way, $12,000 per pupil on average a year, that’s what we pay in America, to go to things that would benefit our students like reading or math which by the way is ranked 38th in the world. Or how about things like how to finance a car or what is a mortgage, how to deal with credit, things they can actually use? This is where we are putting our money for our children.

You can add this sort of nonsense to the growing list of reasons that parents are crying out all across the country for school choice. I have never heard more ridiculous ideas in my life.

HANNITY: Kayleigh, you’re a new mom. I’ll tell you right now, I would not allow my kids to go to any school or district that supported this, period.

MCENANY: Period, absolutely not, Sean. What you are hearing nationwide from these far leftist crazies is parents have no role or interest in the well- being of their child. First, it’s parents. You don’t get to know what’s in the lessons plan. You have no role in determining what’s in the curriculum and you don’t even deserve to see it.

Then it’s now, you have no role in vaccination status of your child. And now, you have no role in determining or even knowing if your child identifies by a different gender. Out in California, there’s a mom suing. She feels her daughter was manipulated because literally, Sean, they had a parental secrecy policy where teachers were going out and identifying students that they thought were struggling with their gender, what do they use to identify them? I’d like to know the criteria for identifying a struggling student.

But a teacher identified who they thought was struggling, put them in a secret equality love and coach on LGBT issues and the like. And parents had no knowledge of this. So, parents need to stand up and have their voice heard. They’ve done it in Virginia, now it’s time to do it across the country this November.

HANNITY: I happen to know both your kids — both the kids that you have and you have amazing kids and I know how dedicated you are, as most parents are. And, yeah, parents know better than the government.

Lara, good to see you. Thank you. Kayleigh, good to see you. Thank you.

More “Hannity” after this break.


HANNITY: All right. Unfortunately, that is all the time we have left for tonight, as always. Thank you for joining us. You make the show possible. We never thank you enough. We hope you set your DVR, so you never miss an episode of Hannity.

But this Friday night, in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled, Laura Ingraham — “The Ingraham Angle” is next. Have a great weekend. We’ll see you back here on Monday.

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